Let us print your creations on these wonderful waterproof materials

We have:

  • 280gsm Indigo Mate Dada Silky 280
  • 270gsm Indigo Mate Backlit 215

Please feel free to email us for more details.

Indigo Mate Dada Silky 280
Dada Silky is a unique construction of PP + Paper + PP, an alternative to full synthetic paper. (PP Stands for Polypropylene)

Product Attributes:
* Water-resistant
* Tear-resistant
* Durable
* Printable on both sides

* Business Cards
* Tags
* Packaging Boxes

Indigo Mate Backlit 215

Product Attributes:
* Light diffusion effect
* Bright white base
* High density image with vivid colour

* Promotional application for A4/ A3 Lightboxes