UOMQuantity quoted in unit of one piece
MaterialPlantable Seed Paper - Wildflowers

4c x 0c (Printing on one side)
4c x 4c (Printing on both sides)



Lead Time5 to 7 working days upon confirmation of artwork and receipt of full payment
File Specification

Resolution: At least 300 DPI
Colour Model : CMYK 
Margin Size : 3mm bleed all sides 
File Size : 100 MB or Less
File Format : Acrobat PDF, Indesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator


Other plantable seed papers are available : Dill, Parsley & Basil
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Plantable Seed Paper

The plantable seed paper will really make an impression, bringing joy and connect people and business together.

Perfect for eco-friendly invitations, wedding favours, and other creative projects, these will blossom into beautiful houseplants when potted.

* Wildflowers and herbs available: Dill, Parsley and Basil.
* Do note that as the plantable seed papers are handmade, variation in thickness from sheet to sheet may occur.

Planting Instructions

Soak the paper in water overnight before planting. Be careful when removing the paper from the water the next day as it will be soft and soggy. This should help the seeds germinate faster.

1.  Prepare pot with 2/3 full good potting soil (recommended for indoors).
2.  Cover the plantable paper with soil, about 3mm deep.
3.  Soak the soil so that it is nicely damp, but not ponding.
4.  Keep the paper moist for the first 10 days at all times – to germinate the seeds.
5.  If germination is successful, sprouts will appear at 2 – 3 weeks.

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